About Me

Because it always is …… heehee……

Joanne Valentine

But seriously….welcome to my little haven, where anything that is beautiful, sparkly and generally all round fantastic  can be celebrated on a regular basis.  I am a Cheshire based blogger who loves, make up, products, food and enjoying life’s little luxuries. My blog is a place where I can share my experiences along with tips, product reviews and thoughts with you on anything fabulous…but especially make up …..afterall, make up and I go back a long way!

I have been hopelessly in love with make up since my school days, when one slick of lip gloss opened my eyes to the power of creating your own look on a daily basis, on your own terms! Each Friday would be spent devouring the pages of Sugar magazine (well it was the nineties in the UK) and Saturday morning I would descend on the High Street armed with my list of ‘must haves’ from brands such as Boots 17, Collection 2000, Rimmel and (when the budget allowed!) Bourjois…..complete luxury! Whilst some of my earlier make up looks were somewhat questionable, it didn’t take take me long to master the natural look…..I pride myself on being one of the few make up fans at School to not have been marched into the toilets by the teacher, cheap make up wipes in hand (it would have broken my heart!) It’s all in the application.

Joanne Valentine

However, the natural look didn’t last long……afterall, this was the era of the Supermodel, when make up was meant be worn with pride and the fully made up faces of Cindy, Claudia, Linda and co.  graced the cover of every glossy magazine and stared down at us from every news stand. Before I knew it make up became a huge part of my life, creating looks for fun (no longer just to hide the teenage spots!) and gave me great confident to face the world.

Make up is a huge pleasure and can be enjoyed by anyone, whether it’s a quick five minute application to hide an imperfection or a glamorous creation for an evening on the town! It’s your look, your choice….and it’s so much fun…..and who wouldn’t like a little more of that in their life!

Joanne xx